I must say this might be one of my favorite creations. This pre-made was created for a friend's blog but I decided to post it on AD since he didn't pay me haha. In any case, the layout took me nearly 3 hours to design while coding literally took 10 minutes! Quite a difference in time, no? I hope to make more non-anime/manga themed layouts because I had a lot of fun with brains and neurons!

This layout has been tested in both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, and is best viewed in an 800x600 screen resolution or higher.

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  • Download layout from Ambrosial Designs; then, unzip everything with Winzip.
  • Open index.html and edit your navigations (<!-- START OF NAVIGATIONAL LINKS -->) and content (<!-- START OF CONTENT -->). Follow the instructions I left.
  • After you are done editing and adding your content, upload everything onto your server using an FTP client.
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